Who Bought Centura Health: Unpacking the Recent Acquisition

The healthcare industry has witnessed a significant transaction with the recent acquisition of Centura Health. The buyer in this landmark deal is CommonSpirit Health, a notable entity in the healthcare sector. This acquisition has set a new precedent in the industry, and here we delve into the details and implications of this noteworthy event.

Background of the Deal

CommonSpirit Health

CommonSpirit Health officially completed the acquisition of Centura Health, previously managed by Steward Health Care. Announced in February, the deal includes a broad network of five hospitals, 35 medical group clinics, imaging and urgent care centers, other outpatient services, and a network of integrated providers.

Notably, Colorado-based Centura Health will manage all the operations.

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Financial Terms of the Acquisition

Financial Terms

While the exact terms of the acquisition were not publicly disclosed, reports from CommonSpirit back in February hinted at a gross purchase price of approximately $685 million, with additional working capital adjustments. This financial detail sheds light on the scale and significance of the transaction within the healthcare industry.

Strategic Implications for Steward Health Care

This deal marks a strategic pivot for Steward Health Care, allowing reinvestment in its value-based care model elsewhere. Steward’s regional president, Brian Dunn, highlighted their Utah successes since 2017 and lauded finding a fitting partner in CommonSpirit for their Utah hospitals.

Centura Health’s New Path

Centura Health, under the new ownership of CommonSpirit, stands at the cusp of a strategic evolution. The plan is to engage with community, hospital, and clinic leadership to develop a strategic market plan, enhancing clinical care options and exploring new opportunities in healthcare across a three-state region.

CommonSpirit Health: A Growing Healthcare Giant

Formed in 2019 from merging Catholic Health Initiatives and Dignity Health, CommonSpirit Health is among the largest faith-based nonprofit providers in the U.S.

With nearly $34 billion in revenues for the fiscal year ending June 2022, the Centura Health acquisition expands CommonSpirit’s network to 145 hospitals and over 2,200 care sites in 23 states.

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The Larger Picture in Healthcare

This acquisition transcends a simple business deal; it symbolizes a significant strategic transformation within the healthcare industry. Under CommonSpirit, Centura Health focuses on expanding access, adopting innovative technologies, and improving patient care.

This move mirrors the healthcare industry’s trend towards consolidation, aiming for more cohesive and efficient services.


The acquisition of Centura Health by CommonSpirit Health marks a pivotal moment in the healthcare sector. It highlights the ongoing transformations in the industry and the increasing emphasis on strategic partnerships and expansions.

With Centura Health under CommonSpirit’s leadership, there’s huge potential for improved healthcare services and a broader community impact.

This transaction is a clear indicator of the dynamic and evolving nature of healthcare delivery in the modern era.

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